What is useful for running in the evenings?


The tendency of running in the evenings seriously pressed the morning exercises of the past times. Modern man prefers to devote time to sports in the evening, and there are reasons for that.

Putting off the workout for the evening, you can enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Save power and energy. Doing sports is not the first day of having a pleasant anticipation of training all day. And in many respects it is simply more convenient to play sports in the evening.

The benefits of running in the evenings

Make it a rule – sport should be fun. It does not make sense if the occupation will occur through his teeth and unwillingness to do so. Play sports for yourself, and the result will come unnoticed.

In the evening, the body shows greater readiness for strength training than in the morning. Muscle development is faster. But the stretching of the muscles is slightly more difficult. Time is good for going to the gym and doing strength training.


evening running


Jogging in the evening is more effective with the use of weighting  (special belts, belts, vests) and at a slow pace. So the development of muscles will be accelerated.

If muscle growth is not a priority, then run at an average pace without weighting for at least 30 minutes. This will burn 300-400 calories depending on gender, age, height and weight. Increasing the running time to 1 hour, you can count on the loss of 800-1000 calories.

Effect on the body

Evening running can calm the body and prepare for sleep. In the evening, the muscles tend to increase as a result of training. And opposite calories are burned in a smaller volume. The circulatory system also exercises better by the end of the day.

Maximum benefits can be obtained by doing it regularly. Only under this condition the best result is achieved.

Remember! Muscles grow during rest. The impression that muscle growth occurs at the time of training is erroneous. Training gives the installation, and on the basis of the resulting stress, the body begins to adapt. The body will be better prepared for the next class. The process of alternating classes and recreation is called training.

Regularity training

If the goal is to reach an attractive figure, then run every day is bad. Daily exercise does not allow the muscles to relax to begin the division, i.e. adaptation to the received loads.

Therefore, the ratio of workouts to rest should be approximately equal. Usually alternate day of training and day of rest. It turns out 3-4 runs per week.


running in the evening


Sample schedule: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday.

Occupation days are marked with green. In the second week there will be 3 classes, while the green ones will be days of rest.

Soothing effect

In addition to relaxing muscles, running in the evenings allows you to unload your head from unnecessary thoughts. Switch from hard week to rest mode. In many ways, the feeling is similar to meditation. The very mode of training in slow running means that there is no need to hurry anywhere.

How to control your well-being?

An important criterion for achieving the greatest effect of occupation is the correct heart rhythm. Measurement of the number of heartbeats is recommended to do before training. If the number of beats exceeds 90 beats, then you should refrain from jogging today. Heart rate is 60-90 beats per minute. People with a developed circulatory system have less than 60 strokes.

There is a formula by which you can calculate the required minimum pulse rate for running.

(190 + age) * 60%

The first value – 190 – maximum heart rate. With age, its rate varies. Also, the maximum possible pulse is higher for trained people. An average of 190 and that is what we take.

If the student is 30 years old, then the formula and the result will look like this:

(190 + 30) * 60% = 132

It turned out the minimum pulse for the greatest benefits of running training. To find out the maximum pulse, replace the last value by 70%: (190 + 30) * 70% = 154 – the maximum number of cuts for a workout.

What to do while running?

Sometimes running is just boring and the pleasure of classes falls. In order not to face such a problem, I propose to read the recommendations.

Music. The easiest and most effective way to cheer up. Suitable music for training should be different dynamics. Rock music is used for this purpose. However, it is important that you like it personally.


running in morning vs evening


Partner. Rare luck, if you managed to find a partner who will be regularly engaged. Running in the company can compete or talk. From talking while running the side does not hurt.

Pain in the side caused by pressure of the kidney or spleen on the walls of the mucous membrane of the organs. This occurs as a result of a sharp increase in blood involved. The body does not have time to distribute blood, and the side begins to ache. Talking is not a cause of pain in the side.

Reflections. During a jogging workout, the brain is able to think more creatively. This allows you to solve problems that require creativity.

If plans to pump up muscles or increase stamina, then running in the evenings will be useful in achieving the goal. The only drawback is a lot of reasons to postpone training for tomorrow. To persuade yourself to go jogging after a tiring day is not an easy task. However, the benefits that you get by winning, you will be pleasantly surprised.