Training with own weight

training with own weight

training with own weight

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Many athletes think that training with their own weight is not beneficial, but this opinion is erroneous. To load your muscles well, you do not need to go to the gym. This will be enough for your body.

During any training you need to follow these rules:

  1. Breathe correctly. This rule is obvious, but during the approach you can forget about the correct breathing.
  2. Follow the technique. If you do not control the technique, then you will not be able to achieve the desired result.
  3. Do not hurry. Most of the exercises are best done slowly. Thus, you will develop your muscles and strength better.
  4. Do not feel sorry for yourself. If you have reached the point where you can not do 1 repetition – the training went to fame.


Running has a positive effect on the work of the heart, and also speeds up metabolism and strengthens muscle tissue.

Most people do not like to run, despite the fact that cardio work is of much use. In addition, there are many ways that you will not be tormented. They need to be given 30-40 minutes not more than 3 times a week.

cardio training for athletes
Cardio training for athletes

Interval running

Interval training is a full-fledged replacement for running. During such loads, you will make a lot of effort in a short time. Read the article about CrossFit Workout.

Example of interval run:

  1. Jog for 5 minutes.
  2. Running at maximum speed – 1 minute, jogging – 1 minute. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times, depending on your physical abilities.
  3. Run for 5 minutes by jogging.

You can experiment and create an interval load based on your wishes. If you do not like long-distance races, interval running will be an excellent substitute for running for endurance.

Climb the stairs

This simple exercise, at first glance, is considered very effective.

We will become acquainted with the recommendations for implementation:

  1. Do lifts until you feel a breakdown.
  2. Try to do it as quickly as possible (ideally even run).
  3. Do 3-4 approaches and increase the number of repetitions over time.

Exercise of the upper body

Exercises for the upper body are very simple, but at the same time effective. Training with own weight will bring good results. To ensure that the result is not forced to wait, you need to monitor the correct implementation, as well as find out the optimal number of repetitions.


With the help of push-ups from the floor, you can work on the chest, shoulders, and triceps. First you need to familiarize yourself with the correct technique:

  1. Place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders (if you want to load the chest) or at shoulder level (if you want to focus on the triceps).
  2. Go down to the ground, bending your arms in the elbows. Keep the press in tension so that the body is straight.
  3. On inhaling, straighten your elbows, lifting the body from the ground.
  4. Do the lifting of the body at the expense of the hands.
Push-ups from the floor of the house
Push-ups from the floor of the house

Push-ups in the handstand against the wall

Push-ups are very suitable for training with own weight, because it delivers loads of delta and makes them grow fast.

The technique is as follows:

  1. Stand on your hands and rest your elbows on the wall. The arms should be slightly wider than the shoulders, and the legs are straightened up. You should touch the wall a little.
  2. Bend your arms and slowly lower your head to the floor (no need to swing the floor with your head).
  3. When the floor is 3-5 cm, start straightening your arms and return to the position indicated in paragraph 1.

Pulling on the bar

This exercise develops the widest muscles, as well as the biceps. Pulling should be part of your training, because without them it’s hard to build a wide back.

Consider the technique of implementation:

  1. Grasp the bar with the grip wider than the shoulders (if you want to make a load on the latissimus muscles) or with a back grip (if you want to emphasize the biceps).
  2. Slowly pull up to touch the bar with your chin.
  3. Slowly go down and do the following repetition.

Press development

The press stabilizes the spine, pelvis and hips, therefore it is an important component in the human body. There are a couple of effective methods for pumping the muscles of the bark, with which we now get acquainted.

Twisting on the floor

This method will help to pump the press, but for its correct implementation you need to familiarize yourself with the technique:

  1. Lay your back on the floor. On exhalation gradually twist the body forward.
  2. When your body and legs form an angle of 90 degrees – move forward and keep your back rounded.
  3. Breathe in air and lower the case back.

Twisting Down

With the help of twists down you can improve the working out of the press.

Let’s study the correct technique:

  1. Lie on your back and keep your feet at an angle of 45 degrees (the feet should be fixed on the floor).
  2. Straighten your arms in front of you and start lifting the body towards the knees.
  3. Lower the body until the shoulder blades touch the floor.

Working the lower part of the body

After all the above actions, you might think that the lower part of the body has already been worked out, but it is not. Muscles of the legs and buttocks did not manage to get the proper load, so you need to correct the situation. Do not forget about leg training, because this is one of the main mistakes of beginning athletes.


With the help of squats you can strengthen the bones, as well as work out the legs. With the proper performance of squats, almost all the muscles of the lower body are involved in the work.

We will become acquainted with the recommendations:

  1. Keep your back straight, and place your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Inhale and squat until the hips are at an angle of 90 degrees.
  3. Keep the press in suspense.
  4. Unbend the knees on exhalation and return to the position described in paragraph 1.
Squats at home
Squats at home

You just got an answer to the question of how to train with your own weight. Now you can create an individual training program and begin to progress without visiting the gym.