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For the first variant (the method of near-maximal and maximum concentric muscle Phil Heath), it is typical to perform exercises mainly with limiting and limiting resistance (weight), which can be overcome (lifted) without significant emotional arousal 1-2, maximum – 3 times.

Training on this method is built in the form of a “pyramid” (Table 1).

The scheme of application of the method of maximal and maximal concentric muscle contractions

– Attempt to improve individual maximum achievement.

The maximum load when using this method with near-maximal and maximum resistances for highly skilled athletes can reach 30-40 repetitions in one exercise. Rest pause between sets (series) – 3-5 minutes.

In the preparatory period, this method in the training process can be applied from 3 to 4 times a week, in the competitive period – 1-2 times phil heath weight. As a form of checking the level of strength training, this method can be applied during the entire annual cycle of classes (except for the transition period).

For the second option (the method of maximum eccentric muscle contractions), it is typical to perform training exercises with the creation of maximum power stresses in the mode of inferior muscle work. The weight of the burdens can reach 150% of the maximum weight that the athlete can lift in overcoming mode phil heath 2017. In one training session, 3-4 series of 5-6 repetitions are performed. A pause of rest between repetitions – 3 seconds, between series – 3-5 minutes.

Phil Heath
Phil Heath

Exercises that cause eccentric contractions of muscles are performed in pairs or on special training devices phil heath wife. This method involves the individual form of training with the use of simulators up to 2-3 times a week phil heath 2018. Such strength training is used in individual high-load microcycles of a power orientation of a developing or supporting type.

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For the third variant (the method of maximal concentric – eccentric muscle contractions), the fixation of repetitive movements is characteristic for the improvement of muscle coordination. This ensures a rapid increase in power indicators. The magnitude of the burdens when using this method is 70-90% of the maximum values mr olympia 2017 winner. The essence of the method lies in the rapid implementation of exercises in overcoming mode after a free (without significant stress) lowering weight phil heath height. In one training session, 3-5 series are performed with 6-8 repetitions; rest between the series – 5 minutes. The method is used in the preparatory and competitive periods.

For the fourth option (the method of maximum isometric muscle contractions), it is typical to perform exercises in a static (isometric) mode of operation. When training in a static mode, when the task is to develop maximum strength, it is necessary to strive to use the maximum or close to them stresses phil heath wife. In one training session using this method, up to 5 series of 2-3 repetitions of duration from 5-6 to 10-12 seconds should be performed phil heath age. The break between the series – 3-4 minutes.

Phil Heath Basketball
Phil Heath Basketball

The advantages of using this method include a) the possibility of an intense local effect on individual muscle groups; b) training with the use of isometric exercises takes little time and does not require special equipment for its implementation; c) when using local static stresses, the most accurate kinesthetic sensations of the basic elements of sports equipment are manifested, which allows, along with an increase in strength, to improve its individual parameters.

The disadvantages of this method include the following provisions: a) this method adversely affects muscle coordination; b) the force gained as a result of applying this method is almost not transferred to the work of a dynamic nature; c) in the case of an isometric mode of muscle work, an increase in strength is observed only in relation to that part of the movement trajectory that corresponds to the training exercises used.

All the considered variants of methods aimed at increasing the maximum power capabilities in the process of preparing athletes-spear throwers can be applied in a comprehensive or concentrated way at various stages of the annual training cycle.

3. Modern views on the improvement of speed-power abilities of athletes

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The maximum power manifested in the movements of speed-power nature is, above all, the result of the strength and speed of muscle contraction that is developed. The higher the power that can be achieved in motion, the greater the speed an athlete can give to his own body when pushing off a support or moving a projectile, which is especially important in the final part of the competitive attempt of the athlete-javelin thrower.

The relationship of force and speed developed in model movements has been repeatedly studied experimentally (Fig. 1).

It is easy to see that all movements associated with the manifestation of force and speed fit on this curve phil heath gut. This includes the movement with the predominant manifestation of speed, when the mass of the displaced projectile tends to zero, and acceleration – to a maximum (B), and force (A), when the displaced mass increases to F, and the speed decreases to zero (manifestation of the maximum isometric force) phil heath basketball. The middle position is occupied by speed-power manifestations.

The well-known American physiologist A. Hill, as far back as 1938, showed that the relationship between force and speed in movements with a force component is described by a characteristic hyperbole and the corresponding equation (P + a) (V + b) = (P

+ a) B = K, where P

– maximum strength; Р – developed in movement effort; V is the speed; а, в, к – corresponding individual coefficients. This equation is known as the “basic equation of muscle dynamics.”

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Fig. 1 phil heath workout routines. The dependence of the force – the speed obtained by analyzing the relevant characteristics of the movements when throwing various projectiles by weight

I – mostly strength exercises;

II – speed-strength exercises;

III – exercises are mainly speed.

The main conclusions to be drawn from the dependency described above are as follows.

1. Phil Health diet. Strength and speed developed in movements of this type are inversely proportional;

2. Strength and speed depend on the maximum force developed in isometric conditions.

The second conclusion is, in essence, a theoretical rationale for training the strength capabilities of an athlete in all movements with a speed-strength orientation. It is known that the highest power and efficiency occur when the speed and force reach approximately 13 of the maximum values ​​(the rule of average loads).

Phil Heath 2018
Phil Heath 2018

Muscle strength, measured in conditions of a dynamic mode of muscle operation, is called dynamic strength and, according to Newton’s second law (F = ma), is equal to the product of the mass of the moving body by the acceleration given to it phil heaths diet. The dynamic force developed in the overcoming mode is always less than the maximum force how tall is arnold schwarzenegger. When in inferior mode, muscles are able to exhibit a stress greater than F

.A particular manifestation of dynamic force is the explosive force, which is characterized as the ability to develop the maximum force in a minimum period of time. Indicator of explosive force is the gradient of force, as the ratio of the maximum force exhibited (F

a) by the time it is achieved.

By developing a greater amount of muscular tension, a more prepared athlete is able to achieve it in a shorter time (Fig. 2).

Indicators of explosive power depend little on the maximum isometric strength phil heath weight. This indicates a certain difference in the supporting physiological mechanisms.

Fig. 2. Two repulsive dynamograms. Indicators of explosive power, registered with qualified (A) and beginner (B) athletes, differ as in the parameter, so and wait a little to achieve it.

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The physiological features of the explosive effort are the maximum possible synchronization of excitation of various motor units at the optimal frequency of motor neuron discharge, the absence of excessive tension in the antagonist muscles (proper intra and intermuscular coordination), high ATP splitting rate and high-speed contractile properties of the muscle itself phil heath height. The latter largely depend on the muscle composition, that is, the ratio of fast and slow contractile fibers.

From the position of providing energy for the movement of energy mechanisms, speed-strength exercises are anaerobic. They are characterized by 2 indicators of anaerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity.

Typical exercises, the performance of which depends on the level of development of the power of anaerobic mechanisms, include sprinting, jumping and throwing phil heath girlfriend. The work while performing these exercises is provided by the energy of anaerobic consumption of ATP and KrF, therefore, the power of the anaerobic mechanism is determined, firstly, by the amount of these substances in the muscles (increased by 20-30% during training) and, secondly, by their speed decay and resynthesis lou ferrigno net worth. The anaerobic (alactate) power indicator is the mechanical power that an athlete can develop per unit of time. It is determined, for example, in the Margaria test, which is a run-in on a ladder with a maximum speed phil heath basketball. Indicators of anaerobic alactate capacity in men from 15 to 30 years range from 105-113 kgms (rating “bad”) to 210-225 kgms (rating “excellent”), in women – respectively 85-92 kgms and 170-182 kgms. Indicators of anaerobic alactate capacity characterize the entire amount of energy that can be transferred to the muscle when performing speed-strength work, a reflection of which is the value of alactate fraction of oxygen debt.

Phil Heath Instagram
Phil Heath Instagram

The technique of general and special speed-strength training should take into account 2 main points

1. Improvement of intramuscular coordination with the growth of an athlete’s qualifications occurs only when he overcomes resistances equal to competitive ones and more, with intensity near the limit and higher.

2. Improvement of intermuscular coordination will occur only when resistance is overcome, equal to or less than the competitive one, with intensity and above limiting intensity, while the specific amplitude of movement is preserved.

Ensuring the growth of performance in acyclic speed-power competitive disciplines requires a constant desire to improve the speed-strength readiness of an athlete and to effectively implement it in the skill of technical actions.

The basis for increasing the level of speed-power readiness is the increase in the level of phil heath 2018 the so-called explosive force, which manifests itself when overcoming resistances that do not reach the limiting values, with maximum acceleration.

According to the existing definition, explosive force is the ability to exert the maximum possible force in the shortest time while overcoming competitive resistances in the conditions of preserving the specific structure of movements.

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In the process of speed-strength training uses a set of basic methods.

1. The method of maximum short-term efforts.

2. The method of conjugate effects.

3. Variable exposure method.

When using the method of maximum short-term efforts, the amount of resistance phil heath workout to be overcome should not differ by more than 10% from the competitive one phil heath. In these conditions, intermuscular coordination is the most improved, which in the conditions of performing a highly coordinated competitive exercise contributes to the development of not maximal, but optimal muscular tension. Maximum stress should be achieved only in muscle groups in the implementation of the final effort.

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Means of speed-strength training must meet the following requirements.

– exercises are performed in the maximum working amplitude;

– the speed of the exercises must be equal to or higher than the competitive;

– exercise should be accompanied by maximum or close to them muscular tension.

To increase the level of speed-strength readiness it is necessary to apply

1) regional and local resistance exercises, focusing on the combination of inferior and overcoming muscle work (the resistance in overcoming work is 4-7 PM, where PM is a repeated maximum, indicating a burden that can be overcome no more than a specified number of times without the inclusion of additional rest);

2) local exercises with burdens 1-3 PM, combining the overcoming mode of phil heath girlfriend the muscles and static stresses;

3) regional and local exercises “with a breakdown” – the near-maximum static stress goes to the overcoming work of the muscles, the weight of the burden is 1-3 PM;

4) exercises with burdens, combining the accents of the inferior and overcoming muscle work and ending with the maximum static stresses (the weight of the burden is 1-3 PM with the overcoming muscle work; the intensity of the exercises should be maximum).