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An excellent choice are tonics containing fruit acids: plant extracts, lactic and citric acids, nettle, burdock, hop leaves, lemon and cranberry juices, and St. John’s wort.

They reduce how old is lou ferrigno the activity of the sebaceous glands, have a slight whitening effect, facilitate cleansing of the skin from dead cells, make it more elastic and protect the sebaceous glands from blocking.

Often used in the care of oily skin, salicylic acid and camphor have disinfecting and astringent effects, as well as restore the acid reaction of the skin surface. Interesting numbers

The skin performs protective, respiratory, excretory and heat exchange functions, etc. The temperature of 36.6, which we consider normal, is the temperature outside. The optimum for the work of internal organs is 37–38 ° C. In the hot season (with intensive sebum), wash with gel and liquid soap 2 times a day. In winter, as a rule, it is enough to rinse your face with running water and rub your skin with lotion or a piece brent ferrigno of ice with a decoction of medicinal plants.

After washing, the skin should be dried with a soft towel and apply the cream for 20 minutes, then removing its excess with a wet swab moistened with a special lotion for oily skin.

Lotions can be prepared at home from herbal infusions and vegetable or fruit juices. To do this, use oranges, lemons, cucumbers, grapes, quinces, pomegranates, mountain ash, cranberries, tomatoes, melons, watermelons. Tips

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It is useful to wipe the oily skin in the morning and evening with fresh juice or infusions of hypericum, birch leaves, burdock; and in order to narrow the pores, you can wash in the morning with an infusion of chamomile, sage, calendula, and wormwood. A good effect is provided by wiping with oregano lotion, for lou ferrigno vs arnold schwarzenegger the preparation of which you need to insist 20 g of the herb in 200 ml of 40% alcohol for 10 days, strain, dilute with water in a 1: 1 ratio and wipe daily.

When oily skin is useful soap and salt wash. To do this, moisten the sponge or cotton swab with water, lather and sprinkle with a small amount of salt. Then gently, without putting pressure on the skin, to wipe the oily areas along the massage lines. Foam should be washed off after drying. Salt washing promotes the narrowing of pores and tones the skin. If irritation appears in the process, then instead of salt and lou ferrigno vs arnold schwarzenegger soap, borax and tea soda are used in equal parts. Several times a day it is useful to wipe the oily skin with a tincture of calendula, vodka, diluted with water, salicylic alcohol, 1% ammonia. In order not to deprive the skin of the necessary fat, it is allowed to use fat cream 1-2 times a week. 5 minutes before applying such a cream, the skin is rubbed with a mixture of 1 tbsp. l camphoric alcohol and 1 tbsp. l infusion of calendula.

Oily skin care includes the use of various creams: medicinal (if you have acne on the skin), protective, with a matte effect and moisturizing. Here it is important to remember one thing: a cream containing more than 30% fat clogs the pores of oily skin, which leads to its inflammation and the appearance of acne. It is especially important to take this into account when choosing decorative cosmetics – tonal creams and blush.

Creams for oily skin should include the same components as tonics: substances that tighten pores, absorb excess lou ferrigno age fat, reduce sebum secretion. These are the so-called stearate creams containing stearin instead of fatty acid, which reduce the shine of the skin and create the necessary acid reaction on its surface. Fat-free creams are used during the day as a basis for makeup.

In addition, oily skin creams contain substances that absorb excess fat: white clay (kaolin), talc, starch, and lou ferrigno jr. specially developed synthetic substances. Recent developments by cosmetologists have allowed creams containing zinc, copper, and vitamin B derivatives to affect the formation of a special enzyme, which ultimately inhibits the work of the sebaceous glands.

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Oily skin cream is useful, containing salicylic acid and vitamin A, which can reduce the formation lou ferrigno hulk of acne, as well as cream with vitamin E, moisturizing and normalizing metabolism.

For oily skin, special attention should be paid to cleaning the face – it should be optimized in every possible way, and here you need to make your own efforts and seek help from a beautician. At home, thorough cleansing of the skin for 3–5 minutes is carried out 2 times a day, and once every 7–14 days, soft peeling without abrasive particles is needed, which also has another name – gommage, which literally translates from French as “eraser”, i.e. cleaner. After peeling, a mask is applied based on kaolin (white clay) or other skin tightening agents.

If you decide to clean your face in a beauty salon, then it may look like this. A cleanser is applied to the skin of the face, which is removed with a warm wet towel, a wet swab or cosmetic sponges. The client’s eyes are closed with a wet cotton swab, after which the skin condition is analyzed under a magnifying glass. Then the skin is steamed with wet warm towels, which are placed on the face 3-4 times, or with the help of special equipment.

Further lou ferrigno jr, the beautician in latex gloves, wrapping the tips of his fingers with cotton, squeezes out acne with specific techniques. Facial cleansing can be carried out with the help of special tools – acne squeezers. Then the face is rubbed with astringent.

The described procedure is called mechanical (manual) cleaning with steaming, but it can also be done without steaming.

In this case, after cleansing the face impose a special mask that opens the pores, and at the end of the cleaning – the same, only tightening.

If the acne is on the surface of the skin, vacuum clean. In this case, after steaming or a mask, they do the cleaning with the help of a special device, into which a small nozzle, like lou ferrigno jr swat a vacuum cleaner, sucks up all the impurities of the skin.

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Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out using ultrasound, which has the ability to dissolve accumulations in the sebaceous ducts.

If on the face, except for superficial acne, there is also hulk actor deep, then the combined cleansing is shown: manual and vacuum or ultrasonic. Interesting numbers

From 30 to 100 moles are on the skin of an adult. But it may be that their number exceeds 400. British researchers even found a connection with the rate of aging of the body. Periodic exfoliation of the stratum corneum is an integral part of oily skin care. Peeling cleans pores, stimulates cell renewal. Under the conditions of a beauty parlor, 1 time in 4–8 weeks, surface chemical peeling is carried out using vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) or a complex cleaning procedure 2–3 times a year. At home use creams and gels containing fruit lou ferrigno net worth acids. Such procedures support the effect obtained in the beauty salon.

Oily skin requires the normalization of the general metabolism, for which it is useful to introduce foods containing vitamins A (liver, egg yolk, milk, butter, fish oil, pargue), B (greens, yeast, oatmeal and buckwheat, cheese, into the diet). ), C (vegetables, fruits, onions, garlic, sauerkraut, lemon, black currants, oranges, wild rose). It is necessary to pay attention to the work of the intestines and to avoid constipation.

Dry skin care It is believed that most people over the age of 30 periodically experience the phenomenon of dry skin. Moreover, it can appear in any skin type, so this condition cannot be considered the opposite of oily skin. Thus, dry skin is not determined by the work of the sebaceous glands lou ferrigno height, but by the amount of moisture that it is able to hold. At first, dry skin can be short-lived, for example, in frosty winters, when all clothes simply burst from the accumulated static electricity (this is a sure sign of a decrease in air humidity) and stick to the feet. The apartments at this time may also be dry due to the operation of central heating or air conditioning.

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Dry skin may increase in summer. This is happening, oddly enough, precisely because of frequent bathing in water under the hot sun. There is nothing inexplicable here: the skin does not absorb water from the environment (otherwise, in the same reservoir we would simply swell from the water absorbed), but easily lose it under the rays of the scorching sun without a protective fat layer that is quickly washed off in water.

There is also no point in waiting for the skin to become less dry if you spray water in the air or apply it on the skin in the form of aerosols. The evaporation of moisture in this case will only aggravate the loss of fluid from the surface of the skin. The skin should not be moistened with water, but with carla ferrigno special cosmetics that promote long-term moisture retention by the epidermis.

So, dry skin can be recognized by certain signs.

So, on the face it is thin, light, and thanks to vessels translucent through it it has lou ferrigno now a pinkish tint. It is almost always matte, it has never been seen on it. On the body, it is rough to the touch, it can peel off, usually on the palms, feet and hips.

She lacks softness and elasticity.

To know that the skin is dry, you can by its sensitivity to external influences. Even ordinary washing causes a sensation on the face. Gradually, dilated capillaries may appear in the form of a reticulated pattern on the cheeks, and early wrinkles appear as a mesh around the eyes and nose, which never turn into deep grooves, such as on oily skin.