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Dry skin is most sensitive to the effects of the sun, wind, temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the water from the skin goes the more intense than the drier the surrounding air. However, dry skin may improve in the summer, when jay cutler naked sweat makes it wet.

This type of skin is sensitive to improper care. In this sense, the excessive use of soap, which deprives dry skin of natural lubrication for a long time, as well as exfoliating agents, which reduce the already thin layer of the epidermis, increases the loss of moisture. Interesting numbers

Studies have shown that aging begins in the upper part of the face. The first wrinkles appear between the eyebrows between the ages of 18 and 30 years. At the age of 25–35, wrinkles appear around the eyes (in 38% of women). In 72% of women by the age of 40 appear “crow’s feet”, after 40 wrinkles appear jay cutler height in the corners of the lips, on the neck and double chin. Between the 50th and 60th years, the clear outlines of the facial contours are lost. In any body, there is enough strength to keep water inside the skin, but stresses, overwork, lack of sleep, long-term medication with a diuretic effect weaken them. As a result, the upper layers of the skin lose moisture faster, and the moisture from the jay cutler retired lower layers cannot rise to the surface.

Thus, dryness of the skin is promoted by various factors – age, too warm and dry air in the apartment, misuse of the tan, wind, cold, woolen clothes and even poorly washed clothes after washing it in an alkaline detergent. Tips

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The relative humidity of the air should be maintained at 40%.

Hot jay cutler injury water should be avoided when taking water procedures (bath, shower).

You can not abuse the tan.

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Avoid exposure to cold and strong wind.

Do not wear fleece fabrics and heavy woolen clothes.

It is necessary to monitor health, drink more water and eat well.

You should use special cleansers for dry skin, apply emollient bath oils, moisturizing and oily creams, as well as lotions for dry skin that will allow it to retain the necessary moisture. It should be remembered that the use of conventional soaps with dry skin is contraindicated, as it takes several hours to fill the water-lipid layer that they wash off. Moreover, alkalization of such skin leads to easier penetration of infections and allergens into the skin.

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If you still really need to wash with soap jay cutler contract and water, then try to do it no more than 1 time per week, while using soft (1 tsp. Of baking soda per 1 liter) or boiled water. After washing, apply oily vitaminized cream on your face on a damp cotton swab dipped in warm salted water, and leave it for 1–1.5 hours; New layers can be applied as the cream jay cutler salary soaks.

For daily washing, you should use cosmetic cream or milk, which have the same cleansing properties as soap, but do not defat the skin. The technique of washing is simple: do not wipe the skin, as when removing makeup, and “lather” milk, and then wash it off with water. It is better to do this at night, and in the morning to wipe your face with mineral water.

The use of creams is the basis of dry skin care. The main thing to remember is that any cream, even the best, is effective only for 2 hours. The water-fatty layer inhibits the evaporation of moisture from the skin, and therefore modern moisturizing cosmetics consist of substances similar jay cutler meme to this layer: urea, lactic acid, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, glycerin.

Currently available products containing “bound” water, for example in liposomes. Moisture remains on the skin longer, not dissolving in it, but contributing to its “swelling”. Very useful cosmetics that contribute to the maturation of new epidermal cells. However jay cutler (bodybuilder), this alone is not enough for dry skin – it needs a rich cream.

In general, it would be a mistake to assume that there are non-moisturizing creams, because all creams somehow perform this function. The most promising for dry skin are vegetable oils that contain cholesterol and fatty acids: they strengthen the epidermis and counteract the rapid loss of moisture.

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Water-in-oil creams create a protective continuous film on the skin, which is much more important for dry skin than the action of rapidly disappearing moisturizing creams. If, nevertheless, preference is given to moisturizing cream, then it should be applied to dry skin more often twice a day or as a basis for a protective cream with a high content of fat.

For dry skin, weekly oil compresses and special masks with dairy products, fruits and vegetables are useful. At least 2 times jay cutler miami dolphins a year, it is recommended to carry out a course of massage with a fat cream. Nutrition for dry skin should include the use of products enriched with fats, vitamin A.

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Under the conditions of a beauty salon, with dry skin, electrotherapy is performed – infrared radiation, galvanic current or high frequency current. In the first case, a cleaner is applied to the skin, which is then jay cutler body builder removed with a wipe or warm, moist towel. The face is rubbed with a toning lotion, then massage cream is applied (around the eyes is a special eye cream), eyes are closed with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol-free freshener.

The face is irradiated with infrared light for no more than 5 minutes, then a face massage is performed (each massage movement is performed 3-5 times). After the jay cutler’s wife procedure, the massage cream is removed with napkins or a wet warm towel, a toning lotion for dry skin is applied, after which the face is soaked with napkins again and a special moisturizer is applied.

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In the second case, the face is cleaned and after applying a thick layer of ionized defatted gel on it, it is treated for 5–7 minutes with a negative galvanic current. Then a special gel is applied again and the procedure is repeated, but now for 4–6 minutes.

Then apply a massage cream on the face, a special cream on the eyes and perform a facial massage, after which they clean the skin with napkins or a warm wet towel. Next, apply a toning lotion for dry jay cutler age skin, the excess of it is soaked with a napkin and cover the face with a moisturizer.

Mixed Skin CareMixed skin retains a tendency to active sebaceous glands, but only on certain areas of the face. What happens to the other areas around the eyes, on the cheeks, the skin defats over time and becomes dehydrated, which creates a visible contrast between the individual parts of the skin of the face. In general, the concept of mixed skin belongs jay cutler butt to the category of age, and not skin type, as it is written about in some popular publications on cosmetology. Mixed skin is not a mixture of oily, dry or normal skin. This is the skin in the period after 2025 years, when the face has jay cutler and kristin cavallari both areas of very oily (nose, chin) and non-greasy skin. Interesting Facts

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Some people think that mixed skin care is anguish, which begins in the morning when washing. However, we create these difficulties ourselves. It is enough to give preference to special gels or gentle soaps, enriched with a moisturizer, and make-up removed with cosmetic milk. The main thing is to remember that both antibacterial soap and its classic toilet varieties, which alkalize the epidermis, are completely inappropriate for mixed skin. After 25 years, oily skin requires a different approach than in adolescence, when the jay cutler cigarette problem of pustules and increased sebum secretion dictated appropriate facial treatment. If, after 25 years, to continue to care for oily skin, as for teenage, then this will lead to dehydration and the appearance of premature signs of fading.

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In fairness it should be noted that some active women tend to defat the skin with all the means at their disposal — to the extent of refusing moisturizing and nourishing creams. This is a big misconception. Cosmetics do not lead to even more skin fat. The fact is that mixed skin does not appear from an excess, but from a lack of many substances, which leads to a violation of the water-fat protective layer of the skin jay cutler wildcat. The skin excretes excess fat to protect itself from damaging environmental factors, including excessive degreasing. Thus, a certain logic can be traced – the degreasing of such skin only stimulates the secretion of sebum. Meanwhile, the strategy for the care of mixed skin is simple: moisturizing and protecting defatted areas and normalizing (not degreasing) areas with too oily skin.

How to implement this principle when choosing products to care jay cutler career stats for such a skin. If you are offered the means to care for mixed skin, then this will immediately solve all the problems. And if this is not possible, if the store has only products for the care of dry, normal and oily skin. Give preference to products for oily skin, as well as moisturizing preparations for the skin around the eyes and lips.

Tonics, which you used to tighten pores up to 25 years old, can only be rubbed with oily skin. As a day cream, i.e. protective, you can use the means smokin jay cutler that absorbs excess fat, thus creating the effect of matte skin. Currently, the cosmetic market offers products containing special substances that can not only bind sebum, but also change the angle of light reflection. Actually, this is why the skin gets dull. Those places where the skin is thin (around the eyes), smeared with nourishing cream.

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