How to become a bodybuilder?

how to become a bodybuilder

how to become a bodybuilder

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Many novice athletes, gym lovers, dream of becoming a rocking, having seen enough American militants with the participation of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, or simply inflated men in magazines on bodybuilding.

To become a bodybuilder or pumped-up man, it is necessary to enclose a huge amount of both physical and psychological forces, so we will consider the main points of the “drift” in “rolling”, and explain how to go this way faster and more correctly.

Kachok is a guy or a man, with severe hypertrophy of muscles. As a rule, such athletes are engaged exclusively in bodybuilding, because other more mobile sports (battles without rules, running, swimming, single combat, etc.) require the athlete to regularly train for endurance, which is almost incompatible with a set of muscle mass.

Unfortunately, to be a hardy athlete and at the same time heavily inflated it is almost impossible (we are talking about a high level of training), which is why, for example, you can rarely see inflated fighters on TV, and if you see such, 3 they are exhausted, this is the physiology of man.

Any pitching, distinguishes from an ordinary person following signs :

  • Powerful Neck
  • Large biceps (from 40 cm and above)
  • Wide shoulders
  • Breast Puff

Typically, many typical pitching in gyms do not train the bottom of the body, focusing only on the top (hands, chest, back, neck and press). Of course, we are against this “one-sided” training, because in the body all the muscle groups must be developed proportionally.

We also recommend the article: Genetics and Bodybuilding.

Torso on the back of an athlete
Torso on the back of an athlete

And now let’s go directly to the basics of understanding the right approach to bodybuilding.

How to become a pumping in one day

Free cheese, as is known, only in a mousetrap, and with muscles, large, beautiful and embossed muscles, it is simply impossible to pump up quickly, for a month, and even more so for one day without using prohibited, potent drugs.

Do not believe in any supermethods that promise to make you a second terminator in one month – this is a divorce that is designed for a newcomer who is not strong mind, who does not know where to start at the gym and how to train.

Only persistent, regular strength training for a long time, as well as proper nutrition and recovery, will help without harm to health, increase muscle mass relatively quickly and effectively.

Steroids and rolling

In any sport there are tricks, for bodybuilding it’s steroids, without them there would not be those legends that we all know:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Phil Heath

And other famous bodybuilders. It was the anabolics that helped them build up huge muscles. However, their muscle size is very large, and it will be clear to any average person that increasing the amount of muscle mass requires the use of large doses of anabolic drugs (do not believe if in the interview these athletes say that they are straight, they only pumped on chicken breast with rice, washing down with a protein cocktail, regularly exercising, observing a healthy dream – these are lies !)

To become a bodybuilder, it is not necessary to use anabolics, despite the fact that they are real, in the shortest time help to build relief and strong muscles.

Unthinking, and uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs, can cause irreparable harm to health, in addition, increased muscle mass with the help of steroids, is not constant, requires regular recharge of pharmacological drugs, of course with all the consequences for the health of the consequences.

You can get drunk without steroids, it just takes more time, but your muscles will be “natural”, and you will not have to blow out and sweat muscles (the phenomenon of recoil) periodically because of breaks in the “chemical” courses.

Anabolic, dumbbell, blue towel
Anabolic, dumbbell, blue towel

The main stages of the formation of pitching

Any serious plan you plan for anything requires a competent and structured approach. So with the pitching, any athlete must understand that one can not become inflated in one day, a week, a month, this requires years, years of regular training in the gym.

To realize the idea of ​​becoming a heave, you need to go through 4 main stages. Success will only reach the person who will approach them, if not fanatically, then at least faithfully.

It is ideal to have such a tough attitude as in the iron Arnie :

“I will go through this! I can be hurt, I can fall, but it does not matter whatsoever because it’s worth it ! ”

With this attitude, you will accurately swing to the desired size.

Before and after bodybuilding sessions
Before and after bodybuilding sessions

Stages of turning “pimples” into a bodybuilder

Take a standard picture, a beginner in the gym, with a minimal muscle mass, dreams of swinging to impressive sizes, so that the girls look at his muscles.

  1. The origin of motivation. The very first stage, which has a powerful impact on the human psyche, and the stronger you have the desire to find a hardened body, the faster you will achieve success.
  2. Finding ways to achieve the goal. Then all the tricks go to help, someone can choose as their consultant and mentor their friend-athlete, someone will record for an individual training session with a fitness instructor, and someone will start learning everything on their own, looking for all the necessary information on the training process on the Internet. To each his own.
  3. Study of the found material. The person seeks to study, analyze the theoretical material found or received verbally (the training program, the technique of performing strength exercises in the gym, the principles of proper nutrition and recovery in bodybuilding)
  4. Embodiment into reality. The most responsible fourth stage, on which theoretical knowledge is applied in practice, that is, in the gym.

Going through all 4 stages, you still will not become a pencil, but create all the prerequisites for the realization of the intended goal. In addition, in the process of training, you gain an invaluable experience, which complements the 3rd and 4th stage. That is why, they say that bodybuilding, fitness is a way of life, that is, one can not go through 4 stages in one year, and stop, it is necessary to create the right muscle stress (train) throughout life, monitor nutrition and rest.

Also it is worth considering that some people (usually former sportsmen of power sports) already have their own “baggage of knowledge”, how to train, eat, recover. In this case, the time for the transformation of a person into pitching is reduced, since the person is already familiar with the basic concepts of the correct planning of the training process, which in essence is very similar, the difference is only in the specifics of the performance of movements and exercises.

Transformation of a person
Transformation of a person
The most important secret of pitching

Along with all the advice, recommendations on the training process with burdening that you can find on our website, there is one point to which any athlete, absolutely any sport should pay special attention, since, often it is he who causes failures and falls in the sports.

Periodization of the training process – alternation, cycling of the load, which the body receives, both during one training session and during a long period.

Under the alternation, it means, the combination of lightmedium and heavy training programs, both in a microcycle and macrocycles. This is the main secret of pitching, and of any sport in principle. When you learn to get adequate load for your restorative abilities, then your results in sports will swiftly go up, in proportion to the training experience.

Also, one of the types of training periodization is a split training, that is, a training program, must be designed so that you have different groups of muscles on different days, doing this so that some muscle groups work, while others at this time rested and grew. For beginners, we do not recommend using it.

How to become a pumping at home

It’s almost impossible to become a bodybuilder, only at home, without additional equipment. In other words, just push-ups from the floor, or pull-ups on the bar, you will not become healthy.

To become a pumping at home, you should purchase at least a collapsible bar (at least 70 kg for a beginner), and a bench for squats and bench press lying down.

To build muscle mass, it is possible only with the help of anaerobic exercises (training with iron), therefore, we do not recommend you, in connection with the difficulty of re-equipping the room under the gym, to train at home, in order to seriously increase the musculature.

In whatever conditions you have practiced, whether at home or in a full-fledged gym, performing basic (multi-joint) exercises is an indispensable condition for successful training. Otherwise, you will mark up on the spot, with a minimal increase in strength and muscle mass.

Press dumbbells on an incline bench in the home
Press dumbbells on an incline bench in the home

All pitching chemists?

No and no again! Contrary to the old opinion, we declare that not all pitching chemists, of course, if a person went “drumming” to the gym, and 3-4 days later he began to gain weight, muscle mass, then it is clear that the athlete just sat down at that time on steroid course, but most of the townsfolk, literally all pitching hang labels “chemist”, not knowing a person absolutely, his training experience, nutrition, and genetics. The last aspect (genetics) determines the success of an athlete in bodybuilding.

If you want, we’ll write a separate article on how to distinguish a chemist from a natural, so that you’ll never be confused, athletes who “swagger” on their own, from athletes who do not mind “pampering” themselves with anabolics. Write in the comments, or through the feedback form, who is interested.

Rocking chair, it’s not only tons of iron, torn clothes, eternal hunger, but it’s a huge physical pleasure, which will be understood only by the one who started on the path of “pumping” (bodybuilding). But in order to embark on this path, it is necessary to be strongly motivatedby the result, otherwise a passing fad, because “it’s girls like it” or “it’s fashionable now, cool” will quickly pass, and you absolutely do not reach anything.

The main semantic load of this article for all fans and inhabitants of the “iron sport” of bodybuilding, to inform that everyone can become a puncher, and it is not necessary to use anabolics for this, your path will be longer, but believe me, the pleasure that you will experience when you reach the desired goals are not transferred, so “swing” on health.