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Does a feeling of tightness arise after washing? Results.

If you answered all the questions in the affirmative, then you have dry skin. If only 5 questions you answered “yes”, then this indicates a mixed skin type.

Do you have a combination skin type? Clean the skin, do not apply the cream. After 2 h, take a tissue paper and blot her forehead, nose and chin, cheeks and answer the questions:

Are there any traces of fat on paper?

the skin on the temples rich piana young and cheeks is smooth, fine-pored;

are there large pores and acne on the T-shaped zone;

Does the shine appear on the nose an hour after cleansing;

whether your skin is generally sensitive;

in winter, the skin on the forehead and cheeks becomes rough and irritated;

in summer, the skin becomes more oily than in other seasons. Results.

If you answered “yes” to 4 questions, then you have a combination skin type. Interesting numbers

The thickness of the skin at different sites varies. So the thickest skin is on the feet. Its thickness reaches 0.5 cm. And the thinnest of the eyelids and eardrum rich piana autopsy – 0.5 mm.

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Our face is constantly exposed to external influences, which means that its skin requires constant and careful care. To properly monitor her, you need to know her type. Only in this case, you can prevent the appearance of problems, premature aging and maintain health and beauty.

Care for normal skin. When caring for normal skin of the face, the main thing is to maintain its normal functions with the help of soft and gentle cosmetics. With rich piana instagram age, the skin becomes drier, especially on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Normal skin, like any other skin, when exposed to different temperatures, loses fat and water. The best atmosphere for maintaining healthy skin is considered to be a humid and warm climate, and dry hot weather, as well as frosty, dries the skin, so it needs very careful care.

So, first of all you should learn how to wash properly.

Water – the best way to cleanse the skin of dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and sebum. When in contact with it, the undertaker death cells of the surface layer of the skin swell and are rejected along with dust, dirt, grease and sweat residues. At the same time, the washing procedure can be enhanced by patting and stroking the face, which activates blood circulation, increases metabolism, improves skin tone and nutrition.

For washing you should use soft water and neutral soap. Tap water in this case is not suitable, because it contains salts of calcium, magnesium and iron, which make it hard.

It is ideal for delicate washing of melt water, i.e. thawed water.

The fact is that it has a crystal structure, due to which it is easily absorbed by a living cell.

Water from the tap is better to use, pre-boiling or adding to it drinking soda at the rate of 1 tsp. on 1 l of water.

In addition, hard sara piana water can be softened by mixing it with milk: 3 tbsp. l Milk – 1 glass of water.

There is a way in which the skin is cleaned with brewed jelly (1 liter of boiling water – 1 tsp. Of any starch). After such washing, the face is rinsed with water and the skin becomes soft and velvety.

Water for washing should not be neither cold nor hot. From cold water, the skin dries and flakes, and hot water with long-term use causes a persistent expansion of the rich piana net worth surface vessels, as a result of which the skin becomes flabby, sluggish and worse tolerates cold.

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With normal skin, 2 times a day is enough to wash with soap like “Detsky” with water at room temperature. At the request of morning washing can be carried out without soap. Next, the face should be blotting dry with a soft towel. Then you can rich piana funeral wipe the skin with a cotton swab with infusion of lime blossom. For its preparation will need 1 tbsp. l linden flowers. They are poured over with 1 cup of boiling water, covered with a saucer and infused for 15 minutes, filtered and 0.3 tsp added. honey Such an infusion not only cleanses the skin, but also makes it elastic, gentle and prevents peeling. Please note that you need to store this lotion in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days. Interesting numbers

Up to 100 sweat glands, 150 nerve endings and 100 blood vessels are found in 1 cm of skin. The number of sebaceous glands depends on where in the body they are located.

Most of them are in the ears rich piana height, under the hair, on the chest and between the shoulder blades. There on 1 cm can fall from 400 to 900 glands. Instead of soap, you can use soap cream. If desired, it is easy to prepare yourself. This will require the packaging of baby toilet soap, 0.5 tsp. borax, 1 tsp. boric acid powder, 1 tbsp. l 3% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tbsp. l camphor alcohol. First, grate the grated soap, place it in an enamel bowl, add some water and heat it in a water bath until dissolved, remove from heat. Then in 30 ml of boiling water should be dissolved borax and boric acid, add to the soap solution and beat with a whisk. Cool the mixture at room temperature, add hydrogen peroxide and camphor alcohol to it, then beat again. Apply soap cream can be as needed, store it in a glass container with the lid closed.

After washing, areas of skin with reduced sebaceous excretions (eyelids, temples and nasolabial folds) are recommended to be lubricated with an emollient cream, the excess of which rich piana wife after 30 minutes should be removed with a paper napkin. If the skin has areas with rich piana dead enlarged pores, they are rubbed overnight with lotions for normal skin. With a tendency to dryness and peeling, you can use cosmetic milk or liquid cream. Interesting Facts

Normal skin has a balanced water-fat metabolism, and therefore does not need special nutrition, and even more so in the means that stimulate metabolism. You can use light liquid creams that are applied to the face with a cotton swab. In the summer at night, normal skin is useful to wipe with fruit or vegetable juices (cucumber, carrot, strawberry).

They tone up the skin, make it soft and supple. But protect it from the sun will help mask with sour milk. It is applied on the face for 15 minutes and then washed off with water at room temperature.

Oily skin care Fatty skin is the result of the intensive work of the sebaceous glands. The reasons for rich piana this condition may be several.

This hormonal disorders, and an increase in the number of female sex hormones during pregnancy, and endocrine pathologies, constipation, abuse of acute, fatty or carbohydrate foods, alcohol, improper skin care, increased sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to male sex hormones. As a result, the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands dilate and viscous sebum is abundantly secreted from them. The skin at the same time shines, glitters, dust easily adheres to it, dead horny cells accumulate, blocking the ducts of the sebaceous glands and forming stoppers.

This skin is well tolerated by adverse atmospheric factors, but poorly resists infection, it often appears signs of inflammation. Nevertheless, it remains elastic and elastic for a long time, wrinkles appear on it later, and with age it looks better.

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Oily skin is difficult to confuse with any other – it begins to shine almost rich piana death immediately after washing and apparently gives the impression of thick. However, this is true: if you take it in the fold, then it will be much larger than the same on dry skin. The indispensable companions of oily skin – enlarged pores on the forehead, nose and rich piana girlfriend chin – exactly where the sebaceous glands are located most of all.

Thus, each owner of oily skin has the following tasks to care for it: timely remove excess sebum, narrow pores, restore the acidic surface of the skin, disinfect it, take measures to normalize fat metabolism.

In the morning, washing with warm water (35 ° C) with special soap is helpful. Well-proven in the care of oily skin liquid soap and gel. The gel is a washing liquid that does not contain soap, with the addition of herbal ingredients rich piano that cleanse the skin, which you then need to rinse with water. Such gels can also contain special additives that tighten pores and reduce sebaceous excretions, for example, thyme, lemon, sage.

Washing with soap can be replaced by rinsing the face with whey, which is then washed off with warm water and refreshed with lotion for oily skin. Good effect is given by rubbing the skin with pieces of ice made from infusions of herbs.

In the presence rich piana cause of death of acne it is useful to wash your face with oatmeal infusion (2 tablespoons. Hercules, 1 tsp. Salt. Pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos, leave for 1 hour) and rinse with acidified water (you should pour warm peel of acidic apples and lemon peels water and insist for 2 hours).

After washing, you can use other tonic fluid, refreshing oily skin and have a tightening effect. They should not contain alcohol or have it in its composition in very high concentrations. Despite the widespread belief that alcohol-based tinctures can reduce the process of sebum production, alcohol actually does not affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands, although it dries the skin.